Financial Audits

Financial Audits

Your audit helps to assure compliance with applicable reporting standards, but there are other important by-products of the audit process, such as the identification of internal management issues and other key findings, that can help you address both present and future challenges.

We approach your audit with a deep and broad understanding of your business, the industry in which you operate, and the latest regulatory standards. We consider the risks your company faces, the way management controls these risks, and the transparency of your company's reporting to stakeholders.

Annual audit and assessment

We provide annual auditing and assessment services of your accounts in close consultation with you, our client. Our comprehensive audit and assurance services are designed to deliver real value and underpin confidence in your company.

As an audit firm, we examine your financial report - as presented in its annual report - as an independent entity. The final report includes a balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement, and notes comprising a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory points.

Internal audit services

An internal audit is more than simply an assurance of accounts for management; it is designed to create value for your business, too. At an early stage in the auditing process, we will talk to you about important topics from your annual accounts in order to identify potential points of interest, and will examine issues that indirectly influence items in the annual accounts. Based on this, we will give you practical advice for improvement in your return on investment.

An audit by Sulaiman & Co. is always based on international standards, as well as the requirements of Iraqi law. In addition, Sulaiman & Co. has its own internal quality standards that meet and exceed international standards on quality control.


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