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The right solution at the right time One of Iraq's oldest and most respected accounting firms, Sulaiman & Co. has more than sixty years of experience serving clients in the Middle East. Our firm has earned a reputation for finding smart answers to complex problems and delivering results on time.

With a deep knowledge of both local regulations and international financial issues, our highly-trained auditors assist Iraqi companies and multinational corporations working in a wide variety of fields. Based in Baghdad, we are a full service accounting firm, and our services range from preparing audits and payroll to helping companies register in Iraq and navigate the country's bureaucracy. Let us help you with your financial needs.



Sulaiman & Co. provides audit, taxation, and other business advisory services to a large number of clients in various sectors.

Financial Audits

Your audit helps to assure compliance with applicable reporting standards, but there are other important by-products of the audit process, such as the identification of internal management issues and other key findings, that can help you address both present and future challenges.

Taxation Services

We provide many taxation services, Registration with the General Commission for Taxes and assistance obtaining a Tax Identification Number certificate ,Withholding tax services (WHT) ,Personal income tax services (Employee WHT).

Statutory Accounts

Companies registered in Iraq must prepare annual financial statements that are written in Arabic, use Iraqi Dinars as the accounting currency, and are laid out in accordance with Iraq's uniform bookkeeping system.

Payroll Services

We provide our clients with payroll services that include: Helping to obtain work permits , Preparing income tax social security and pay slips ,Achieving social security exemptions for non-Iraqi employees ,Arranging e-payment solutions.

Financial and Tax Consultations

Our team of lawyers and partners provide answers to all client inquiries regarding taxes, labor laws, social security, bank loans, and all other financial matters that they might encounter while performing activities in Iraq.

Registration in Iraq

We help clients navigate the government's bureaucracy and can assist with typical business needs. These may include: Opening a bank account in Iraq, Registering with the government's tax office, Filing with the Ministry of Trade, Signing up with the Social Security Department.


Our team can help you Prepare, Organize & Analayze Your Finance.

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  • +964 7901 369 304
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